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Rollovers are rare because it takes the right combination of circumstances to cause them. Rollovers in SUVs are more common because the nature of SUVs provides some of the necessary elements of a rollover, setting up the accident so that all that is needed is a triggering event.

The most common triggering event in rollover accidents is tripping. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Association (NHTSA) nearly 85% of rollovers are single vehicle accidents, and 95% of single vehicle rollovers are caused by “tripping.”

When you are running and your foot or leg strikes something, your momentum and weight cause you to pitch forward. Often you can get your foot back under you and recover without falling. When a vehicle trips the same thing happens. A tire hits something, suddenly slowing down that tire and the momentum of the vehicle causes it to pitch forward or sideways into a roll. The difference, in a vehicle, is that there is no way to jerk that tire back out in front of the vehicle and recover, stopping the roll.

High Center of Gravity
Under the right circumstance, any vehicle can roll. SUVs and large passenger vans are set up for a roll by design. Their high center of gravity makes them top heavy, so that it takes less initial momentum for a tripping event to send the momentum in the wrong direction. In fact, even a very sharp turn can be enough to send these top heavy vehicles into a roll.

Tripping mechanisms,br>Many things can trigger tripping event, including roadway defects and defective tires. Vehicles trip on things such as:

  • Soft shoulder
  • Bump in the road
  • Curb
  • Deep pothole
  • Objects in the road
  • Failed tire

Defective roads
Roadway defects can be due to poor maintenance or lack of warning signs, and they are a completely preventable cause of rollovers. Poor maintenance creates bumps and potholes. Lack of warning signs can mean hitting a soft shoulder unexpectedly, or suddenly coming upon construction zones and other hazards, forcing evasive maneuvers extreme enough to cause a rollover.

Defective tires
A blow out can cause an accident in any type of vehicle, but is even more especially dangerous in vehicles with a high center of gravity. Defective tires can fail with no warning and often after little mileage or wear. Tread separation and blowouts are common tire failures caused by defective tires or tires which are not rated for the vehicle’s weight. Tire failure can initiate a rollover by causing the vehicle to go out of control, or by acting as the tripping mechanism itself.

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